The Little Things

I struggled as I wrote this week’s post.  (I started writing this post back in September and I think it is finally ready to be published).  This post has gone in many different directions and the timing just didn’t seem right, but now I think this post is ready for publication.

After going back and forth for a few months, I decided to focus on the little things. I wanted to piggy back off of the good days I have here.  The days where I am re-energized and little things happen that keep me smiling.  I need to find a way to keep that feeling going. I got the idea for this week’s post when I was in the DFAC (Stands for dining facility. In the Navy we call it a Chow Hall. Both are just military terms for the cafeteria). I was trying to be careful and putting a lid on my coffee to keep it from spilling, well when I pushed the cover on it tipped my tray and my watermelon spilled all over the floor. As I was cleaning my mess during the morning rush in a main thorough fair next to the critical coffee machine, someone I never met came up to me and started helping. Not only did he help, but he said I’m afraid everyday this will happen to me. In my moment of embarrassment he just made it a little better. Those few words turned the situation around. I still don’t know who he is and he’ll probably never know what his words meant, but I’m so glad he said them.

I started thinking about all the little things I could be focusing on that would make each day here better. I’ve had the tendency lately to think about all the small things that annoy me or get me down (this I wrote in September and I’ve adapted much better over the last 3 months). For every one of those moments I discovered there are at least two good ones. This is what I should be focusing on to turn these situations around. I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for thinking about me and being part of these small things. I wanted to list all the awesome things everyone is doing for me, but there was no way I could make a list that is all inclusive, so please know I appreciate everything you do for me and my family.  Here is a small list:

  • The numerous cards, letters, Facebook messages, and emails of encouragement.
  • All the amazing and very thoughtful care packages.
  • The prayers and kind words for myself, my family, and my fellow service members here with me.
  • Just the fact that people read this blog, that in and of its self is amazing!

Interestingly enough another positive moment for me happened in the DFAC at Thanksgiving dinner.  The Navy was honored to have dinner with VADM McCullom and we were all seated at the same table.  I was sitting next to another Navy Officer and we were chatting.  At the end of our conversation she simply stated, “I’ll pray for you.”  Prior to Thanksgiving dinner we had never said more than hi to each other.  I was so touched, tears came to my eyes.  I could feel the power in what she said and it was very touching.  I need to make a point of saying those words to more people and making sure I add them to my prayers.  What a simple thing we can do for someone, and it takes such little effort.

Also this last week my friend and I were invited to the fire station on base for what we thought was some fresh bread.  Our firefighters here are from Bosnia and just like the fire fighters in the United States they have a reputation for being good cooks.  I told them they need to come back to the States and compete on one of the fire fighting cooking competitions on the Food Network.  Not only did they feed us fresh bread, but I had the best breakfast I’ve had since I got here.  They made fresh bread, fried eggs over easy (the DFAC here will only cook hard fried eggs, no runny yokes), homemade cheese, roasted veggies, chicken pate, and to top it all off fresh squeezed lemonade.  I am so thankful for moments like these.

A picture in the fire house after an awesome brunch!

Also this week my mom read my blog post about the pennies to Timyra and Timothy.  When she took them to go shopping the other day Timothy found a penny from heaven in the parking lot and he wanted to make sure I saw the picture.  It’s the little things that can really bring joy.

penny from heaven
Buddy’s first penny from heaven!

So the little things can make you feel better, or they can make you feel like shit. I have DECIDED to focus on the small positive moments and let the rest float away.  It just makes everyday a whole lot better even when situations are less than ideal!

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