Be Real

Today is the first day of 2021 and I’m already tired of people saying they are so glad 2020 is over and there is no way 2021 can be worse than 2020. First I want to state a reality, bad luck knows no time. It is impossible to state definitively that 2021 has to be a better year than 2020. The only way that even has a remote chance of being possible is if you do something to make it so. I do believe you have it in yourself to make 2021 a great year, but before you head out on this journey I challenge you to be real.

The question you need to understand is really how terrible was 2020? I understand 2020 was a unique year for all, but was it bad? Please answer these questions: Do you have your job? Do you have your health? Do you have your family? Do you have your friends? To understand the magnitude of 2020’s uniqueness and how it effected you ask yourself what is different today, January 1st 2021 verse January 1st 2020? Once you truly reflect on this, I would venture to guess that your retrospective of 2020 will prove it was a strange year to be sure, but nothing terrible!

The Caces House New Year’s Eve (at 10:30 pm)!

This morning I revealed the first day of January on my daily desk calendar. The quote supports my thoughts on 2020 and I wish people would get real and start to see the truth or their lives. Change and growth has no way of taking root until a true introspective has taken place. The quote states, “What is new in the world? Nothing. What is old in the world? Nothing. Everything has always been and will always be.” Shirbi Sai Baba.

I’ve been thinking about how really great 2020 was for me and my family. I understand many saw sadness last year, but I do believe this sadness would have occurred regardless of a pandemic. It probably would have shown itself differently, but it most likely would have been there. What I also know is others sadness, grief, frustrations, heartache, and more don’t have to be mine. When I’ve listened to the Venerable Bhante Sujatha teach he speaks often about listening and being kind to others but never taking on what is theirs. He always says you must take care of yourself first and you can not do this when taking on others pain. I want to be a role model to my children that despite all the changes and fear in the world, we as a family are happy and well. We don’t have to see what is in the news and be sad, there is always happiness and kindness everywhere and that can be theirs instead.

My children have proven over the last years they are full of resilience and this would have shined in them with or without a pandemic. Personally I don’t put up with pity parties of any kind. I know this can come across as unsympathetic and in some cases cruel, but I truly believe we personally have control over how we react and can control how outside and uncontrollable events effect us, our moods, and attitudes. I’ve said many times that my cup is always two-thirds full and I expect those around me to live in those types of cups. Of course, we all have our ups and downs, but we are learning how to take control and set the mindsets that we’ll be through this and be better for it.

I truly hope the world didn’t wake up today, January 1st 2021 and believe anything changed from 11:59 on December 31st 2020. You and I are all the same. If you think you need to change, take time to conduct a true look at yourself and evaluate what should change and make a plan with goals to make these changes. Write it down and make it so. I also challenge you, especially if you believed 2020 sucked, to conduct a retrospective on the year and truly understand the REAL suck level of 2020.

I want to end with some highlights of a great year!

  1. I’ve been working from home since March, and the time home is amazing!
  2. My runs with the kids and especially seeing Timyra excel on the track!
  3. Moving in to a house that fits us!
  4. All the great camping trips (we camped before it was cool)!
  5. Remote drill weekends (again meaning more time at home)!
  6. Receiving, learning and practicing Reiki, this also brought amazing energy into my life and house!

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