20170516_150357.jpgThis being the week before I leave, I’m calling it the week of too. Too much everything.  First of all I can’t believe what an amazing group of people I work with.  I’ve never felt so loved by such a great group.  You inspire me and let me do what I love everyday. I need to thank my coworkers I call friends: Mike for putting together an awesome return party; Julie for giving me the books for the kids and the photo book; Ken for the shots, champagne, and taking care of my runs; Brittney for the awesome necklace; Tina for the touching saying and giving out my hugs; Jamie for the cd and hat; James, Andy, Christina, and Brandon for keeping my class going.

The emotions this week are just too much.  14 months away from a 2, 4, and 6 year old is a very long time.  We’re staying positive and making memories.  My kids are strong and this will only make them stronger. I am extremely proud to be their mom.  I’m leaving them in the hands of my mom and she did great raising her own girls.  Just keep them busy!

TJ and I were fortunate enough to get away for a few days to just enjoy and relax.

So I’m just getting through the next week until I leave. I’m really not looking forward to the last 48 hours!  Staying strong, getting through the week of TOO!

The beginning of the Pause

Let’s get started!

As you know Uncle Sam called me back to active duty military service.  I will be away in Afghanistan for a year.  I am calling this the year of the PAUSE.  There were times in my life when I would have welcomed a change or a reset.  However there is nothing in my life right now that I want to change.  I love my family, my husband is amazing, the kids are incredible, and I truly enjoy my job.  I don’t want to leave any of it.  Then the more I thought about it maybe this is the right time to leave.  When you are stable and can handle the disruption, that maybe the reason I have to go.  I am taking the spot of someone who’s family would crumble under the pressure.  I know we will not.

So I’ve started this blog.  I am warning you, I’ve never blogged before.  I just thought this would be a great way to keep those who want to know informed.  I also want to use this space to share workouts and encouraging moments.  So if you want to know how things are going stay tuned will do my best to keep this up to date.